800ml Kraft Paper Box (130mm x 105mm/ 112mm x 90mm/ 65mm)

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Product Code- PAP012

Made from sturdy and sustainable kraft paper, this box is designed to securely hold your delicious food while minimising environmental impact.

With its convenient foldable design and secure closure, this box ensures that your food remains fresh and protected during transportation. Whether you’re serving hot meals, sandwiches, salads, or snacks, this versatile box is suitable for a wide range of food items.

Our Kraft Paper Takeaway Box is not only durable but also 100% biodegradable and compostable, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who prioritise sustainability. Say goodbye to harmful plastics and hello to this eco-friendly alternative that reduces waste and supports a greener future.

Sample- 800ml Kraft Paper Box (130mm x 105mm/ 112mm x 90mm/ 65mm)


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