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Why Disposable Green?

If you’re passionate about sustainability and offering renewable, biodegradable products to your customers, then our Disposable Green® Products are for you!

We are only too aware of the irreparable, short and long-term damage plastic does to our environment. The disposal of plastics and polystyrene foam products is becoming a growing hazard for people as well as for the environment. Produced from mineral oils, every 10,000 standard-size disposable polystyrene foam plates result in more than 500 kg emissions of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases, and produce over 100 kg in non-biodegradable waste that is often not accepted in plastic recycling. As a result, polystyrene waste is filling up landfills or ending up in the sea, causing damage and death to marine life. Furthermore, polystyrene contains toxins that are considered to be human carcinogens. Despite that, the production of plastics and polystyrene foam products, including the production of disposable plates, has increased over the years. DISPOSABLE GREEN® believes it provides a REAL, SUSTAINABLE, ECONOMICAL alternative to the single use disposable tableware and brings to you some great Home Compostable products which is the need of an hour.

Disposable Green® Areca leaf products, Sugarcane bagasse products and Unique paperboard takeaways products are biodegradable and home compostable—they can fully decompose in your garden or landfill within 24 weeks. Having the option to compost at home is hugely beneficial because industrial composting facilities often refuse to compost products.


There are only 170 industrial composting facilities in the UK—the country is not equipped to compost high volumes of biodegradable packaging. In fact, many industrial composting facilities won’t accept bioplastics and other biodegradable materials (like PLA lined products) as they are seen as contamination risks. Therefore, it’s better to purchase home compostable products which can easily be sent away in food bins.

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