10oz (285ml) NEXTGEN Certified
Home Compostable Single Wall Tree Coffee Cups

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(Only 1 in 4,000 coffee cups are recycled in the UK.

Why? Most coffee cups are made from paper with a PE (plastic) lining. This lining has to be separated from the paper cup before it is ‘recyclable’—a process that is rarely carried out. )

Our compostable coffee cups are designed to be naturally composted, cup and lining, together. This process leaves zero waste, with composting returning to nature as fertilizer. Disposable Green is the most sustainable coffee cup solution after reusable cups.

Serve coffee, tea, or any drink-to-go in eco-friendly fashion with our one of a kind NEXTGEN  Coffee cups.

Made from sustainably-sourced paperboard with a proprietary UNIQUE AQUEOUS LINING, this cup can be completely composted in the backyard or landfill within 24weeks, unlike PLA, which needs to be sent for Industrial composting.

Our cups are strong, sturdy and sustainable.

All our products are designed for the circular economy, they can be composted at home or at a landfill. From nature, back to nature.

Sample-10oz (285ml) NEXTGEN Certified Home Compostable Single Wall Tree Coffee Cups

Product Features:

100% biodegradable

Unique aqueous lining

Home Compostable within 24 weeks

Industrially Compostable within 12 weeks

Recyclable and Repulpable


Suitable for hot and cold beverages

Suitable for Microwave, Oven and Refrigerator




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Home Compostable Single Wall Tree Coffee Cups”

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