Why use Disposable Green Areca Leaf tableware?

We are only too aware of the irreparable, short and long-term damage plastic does to our environment. The disposal of plastics and polystyrene foam products is becoming a growing hazard for people as well as for the environment. Produced from mineral oils, every 10,000 standard-size disposable polystyrene foam plates result in more than 500 kg emissions of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases, and produce over 100 kg in non-biodegradable waste that is often not accepted in plastic recycling. As a result, polystyrene waste is filling up landfiles or ending up in the sea, causing damage and death to marine life. Furthermore, polystyrene contains toxins that are considered to be human carcinogens. Despite that, the production of plastics and polystyrene foam products, including the production of disposable plates, has increased over the years. DISPOSABLE GREEN® believes it provides a REAL, SUSTAINABLE, ECONOMICAL alternative to the single use disposable tablewares and brings to you some great Home Compostable products which is the need of an hour.

What is Home Composting?

Composting is a natural process that decomposes kitchen and garden waste (both classed as ‘organic’ wastes) into a nutrient rich fertiliser/soil improver for gardens. It is a straightforward and inexpensive process which doesn’t take much time to manage as it doesn’t require any industrial composting.

Why choose Home composting?

There are two ways of composting Home Composting and Commercial Composting.
Home Composting on the other hand, is a natural process and can be easily done at home. Once you home compost, products once compost will naturally biodegrade and breakdown eventually turning into a nutrient rich material which is essential for healthy growth of a plant within 6-8 weeks.
Commercial or industrial composting is large-scale composting carried out at controlled temperature and is designed to handle a very high volume of waste. Problem with commercial composting is that there are still a very few composting facilities available in the UK and in reality, only a small amount of these products is sent to these facilities. In-fact, due to confusion over normal composting and industrial composting products some councils are still asking for the compostable products to be packed into recycling bags rather than discarding them in food composting or garden waste which is doing no justice to our environment.

Disposable Green® Home Compostable Products

Disposable Green® Home Compostable products can simply be placed in the home compost bin along with fruit and vegetables in the garden or backyard. These products are made from naturally fallen leaves and are brown waste and adds nitrogen to the soil making it rich. Disposable Green® products are made from naturally fallen leaves. They are good for environment and helps you to go green because no trees are ever cut to make the Areca leaf products. There are no chemicals such as colour, additives and binding agents used in the manufacturing process and hence can be disposed off naturally.


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