Areca Palm Leaf

Botanical name of this leaf is “Areca Catechu Linn”. Areca leaf plates are made from the naturally fallen leaves of areca trees that grows in moderate temperatures. The fallen areca leaves are collected by local people, soaked, cleaned, then heated and molded into beautiful different shapes by force press machine. When all of the moisture and dusts has been squeezed out, the areca leaves retain the shape of the mold. After use, the leaves can be composted, with bio-degradation occurring in just six to eight weeks. The main advantage of using areca leaf plates is quick bio-degradation.

100% Biodegradable & Compostable

Disposable Green® products are completely biodegradable as they are made of the raw material chosen from nature which after disposal, disappear/ Dissolves into the nature.

100% Natural and chemical free

There are no chemicals or additives used in making of the Areca Leaf products, hence, they are 100% natural and chemical free. The colours of these products are natural.

Durability and sustainability

Disposable Green® products are very strong and durable – products do not loose moisture and do not deform in moderate sunlight. All products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Microwave and refrigeration friendly

Disposable Green® products are safe to be used in microwave. Our products can hold both hot and cold food.There are no chemicals or additives used in making.

Best in class for all

Disposable Green® promises the best range, both aesthetically and high quality, for all occasions from parties.